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Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Music Stands
Extra Wide Music Stand for Electric Pianos and Electric Keyboard
Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Upright Pianos
Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Grand Pianos
Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Hammond Organ
Bell Choir Music Stand
Adapt-A-Stand II
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Adapt-A-Stand Music Stand Extender

Adapt-A-Stand is a simple add-on to your existing music stand.  Adapt-A-Stand will widen your existing music stand to hold up to 6 sheets of music.  Adapt-A-Stand includes adjustable footings which allow it to set on top of your electric keyboard, upright or studio piano, grand piano, church organ, or Hammond Organ.  The footings can also be used to secure Adapt-A-Stand to your music stand (i.e. Manhasset, Wenger).  Adapt-A-Stand provides a very stable place to rest your music. 

Adapt-A-Stand II is a piano top or table top stand.  It is the same dimensions as a regular Adapt-A-Stand, however it has a 5 position adjustable tilting assembly that allows you to control the angle of the music stand.  

  • This is very beneficial to choir directors that stand at an upright piano while they play.  
  • And to jazz pianists, accompanists, and conductors that sit at a grand piano with the music stand removed and the music lying flat on the piano.

Adapt-A-Stand for Bell Choirs is a raised table top music stand that allows players put hand chimes, mallets, gloves, etc. under the stand. The design is very stable and allows for 6 sheets of music.

Adapt-A-Stand can comfortably hold 6 sheets of music.  Imagine - no page turns! 

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Dimensions and Features

Custom lengths available, please inquire.
Weighs 3 lbs.
Standard Black ABS composite.  Available as a special order in clear acrylic.

Dimensions of Extra Wide Music Stand for pianos and organs

This size is intended for primarily pianos and keyboard applications.

Extra Wide Music Stand Dimensions

This size is intended for instrumental music stands (i.e. Manhasset, Wenger)

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