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Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Music Stands
Extra Wide Music Stand for Electric Pianos and Electric Keyboard
Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Upright Pianos
Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Grand Pianos
Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Hammond Organ
Bell Choir Music Stand
Adapt-A-Stand II
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What is the special pricing for churches, schools, and multiple orders?

How  are the shipping cost's handled?

Please tell me if the "Adapt-A-Stand" can be used on the small music stands of the Schafer and Yamaha "home" pianos.  (where the stand folds down after the piano lid is raised (rather than recessed).

How do I order a custom length music stand?

I use a Yamaha studio piano, the build of the Yamaha makes page turning very hard to accomplish as it "catches" the pages when you try to turn them and thinner books bend in the middle.  Does your product prevent this problem?

What do you have for organists?

Many organ consoles have the music lamp built into the lower part of the music desk. If this is the case, the black ABS material will not allow light to pass through to the music.  A clear acrylic material can be used to allow light to pass through.  For acrylic, please inquire.

What's up with your ancient looking website?

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