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Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Music Stands
Extra Wide Music Stand for Electric Pianos and Electric Keyboard
Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Upright Pianos
Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Grand Pianos
Extra Wide Music Stand Extender for Hammond Organ
Bell Choir Music Stand
Adapt-A-Stand II
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Regular Adapt-A-Stand 10.5" X 46" $48.95*
Tall Adapt-A-Stand 13" X 46" $52.95*
Regular Adapt-A-Stand II 10.5" X 46" $69.90*
Tall Adapt-A-Stand II 13" X 46" $73.90*
Adapt-A-Stand for Bell Choirs 10.5" X 46" $67.95*

* Plus shipping cost.  Please inquire before sending check or money order to verify shipping amount.
If you send a purchase order number, the shipping cost will be added to your invoice amount.

Dimensions and Features
Custom lengths available, please inquire.
Weighs 3 lbs.

Standard Black ABS composite.  **

Available as a special order in clear acrylic.

This size is intended for primarily pianos and keyboard applications.

This size is intended for instrumental music stands (i.e. Manhasset, Wenger)
** Black ABS will periodically have some marks minor scratches, or occlusions in the surface that faces the player. These marks are from the rolling dies that make the flat sheet. No marks are ever on the audience side. That finish is a fine textured haircell matte finish, free from scratches or imperfections.
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