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Adapt-A-Stand II
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Upright Pianos with Extra Wide Music Stand

Upright Piano with page bend Before Image

Upright Piano After Image - With Extra Wide Music Stand



How to Purchase
Size Price
10.5" X 46" $55.00
13" X 46" Call for pricing
Adapt-A-Stand sets on top of your piano's music stand.  Adapt-A-Stand provides additional space to place your music and is much more stable than your existing music stand.  Notice how the music rests against Adapt-A-Stand as compared to the piano's original music stand (The sheet music is not bending).  The music is fully supported, this allows you to comfortably see your music and play without any distraction.

Adapt-A-Stand has resting pegs or footings, that allow the Adapt-A-Stand to brace against the piano's music stand base.  This creates a secure stand and protects your piano from scratching.

If you like to set your music on top of the piano instead - take a look at Adapt-A-Stand II.

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